Snatch 100 Workout

Tips for the "Snatch 100 Workout"

  • Select a weight for the snatch set that is light enough to go 20rpm+ per minute. The objective is to work on speed and conditioning, not to struggle through the set with a heavy weight.
  • Choose a heavy pair of bells for the deadlifts, and medium to heavy weight for the rows and squats (if I was actually completing this workout in the video and not just demonstrating, I would use kettlebells heavier than 12kg).
  • Take 1 - 5 minutes of rest after the snatch set before completing the next sets.
    • Rest 30 seconds - 1 minute between strength training exercises if you want to focus more on strength-endurance, and 2-3 minutes if you want to focus more on strength.

The kettlebells I'm using in this video are by Kettlebell Kings, my favorite kettlebell brand. To learn more about the different brands out there, click here