StrongFirst Kettlebell Workout

I took a StrongFirst hardstyle kettlebell certification back in July, which I mentioned in last week's workout. (Quick recap: I truly believe that the different styles of kettlebell lifting complement each other: hardstyle practitioners can benefit from relaxation and efficiency principles, and Sport practitioners can benefit from tension and strength work.) This week's workout was my favorite workout from the certification, so I thought I'd share it with you! Choose a pair of bells that you can press for at least 5 repetitions. Each round, you will do 3 (hinge-based) cleans, 1 double press, and 3 front squats. Set the bells down for 20 seconds, then repeat! You can do anywhere from 10-20 rounds, depending on your fitness level and the weight kettlebells you choose.

Are you a fan of "hardstyle" or hinge-based kettlebell lifting?