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The Cargo Cult of Fitness

The cargo cult of fitness is that everyone wants to build a fit body that looks good (the airplane with material goods), but they want to use a get-fit-quick scheme to do it, such as a crash diet or a new fitness fad (the runway). Instead of changing their lifestyle, they use an approach that is oversimplified, inconsistent, and lacks an understanding of the body as a system. 

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I Used to Think Health Was A Look

If a person didn't have a visible six pack, it meant they needed to work out harder and restrict calories. "Being healthy is easy," I thought, "all you need is the willpower to cut carbs to stay in caloric deficit, and work out every day." It worked for me. Or I thought it did. Mind you, I was also 20 years old. ;)

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Will lifting kettlebells make you "bulky"?

Ah, the ever-existing stereotype of someone who lifts a lot of weights...

Kettlebells are an amazing tool for building strength, power, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. However, a kettlebell is a submaximal load that is meant for increasing your strength-endurance and power, not necessarily building bulk and size.

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