The Basic Principle that Guarantees A Breakthrough

During my Snatch training set tonight, I had a breakthrough. I'm not going into the exact details of what it was - just a nuance of technique - but afterward I felt happy, energized, and motivated to train even harder in the days to come.

Let me back track... since moving to San Diego in October, I have been coaching myself in Kettlebell Sport. My move to Southern California happened to coincide with me starting to snatch the 24kg - a time when a coach would really come in handy. In the months leading up to the OKC Cali Open, I had been frustrated because I wasn't sure how to improve my Snatch technique. I reached out to the Ice Chamber crew for help - and coach Steve gave me a couple points to focus on.

I practiced and practiced, but somehow the cue he had given me didn't click. I was frustrated and figured I would just do the best I could at the competition despite not being able to fix some errors. While I did well at the competition - somehow my motivation is always much higher in competition than in training! - I watched my video this week and found myself picking out a slew of things to improve upon.

So today I went back to work. I headed into my training session feeling slightly discouraged and overwhelmed because I didn't know where to start. I decided to focus on my breathing pattern - something Steve had pointed out - and finally, it came to me! The cue made sense. At the end of a long workout, the 20kg bell somehow felt LIGHT. And now I'm extremely motivated to get back to training for the rest of the week!

What is the point of all of this, you might be thinking?

"Yeah, yeah, Brittany, good for you, how is this going to help ME?"

Well, I wanted to share my struggle with you in the hopes that it will motivate you to keep trying. If there's ONE guiding principle that will lead to a breakthrough in your life, it's this: KEEP GOING!!!

No matter whether it's training for Kettlebell Sport, trying to change your diet and exercise, working towards a career goal, studying, or just staying positive... Keep on trucking, because I promise at some point it will lead to a breakthrough.

What are you struggling with? I would love to hear from you on how I can help. Comment below or email me at