Where Have You Done It?

Guest Post by Sherry Mel Murphy

So, uh, not to get too personal, but…. Where have you done it?

The beauty of kettlebell exercise is its inherent portability. If you have a bell, you have a workout. But, while having a bell is easy, having a kettlebell gym is, alas, still hard to come by in many locations. I was first introduced to kettlebells at KBNY gym on Long Island. But I’ve since moved 200 miles north. Now, I’m relegated to practicing in the basement, one of two ‘members’ of the Saratoga Springs Kettlebell Club. Yes, it’s true that you can spend too much time on Facebook talking about kettlebells and not enough time doing the work. But the amateur virtual kettlebell community is a delight: A font of humor, encouragement, and admiration for kettlebellers of all ages, and sizes. It removes the excuse for not exercising in any kind of weather. And social media provides a way to grow, not just the sport, but the virtual practices of some very talented kettlebell coaches. Participants who go to gyms and participants who do their sets out of the trunks of their cars all have equal standing on Facebook.

Where have I done it? I’ve done it in the basement, the garage, the hallway, the living room, hotel rooms, parking lots…and a few well known kettlebell gyms I’ve had the pleasure to stop by while traveling for work. My significant other travels for work in an F150 loaded with bells. (Don’t ask about the gas mileage.) Let me tell you, kettlebell handles are COLD in the winter when you do your set in an unheated garage. And the time I put the bell down too hard above my downstairs neighbor’s living room is a story of a hissy fit that will live in infamy. (It didn’t help that I shook his apoplectic hand and got him all chalky.)

I’ve done it in workshops of 20 or more, in comps, in small groups and in classes. Having experienced that, sometimes practicing alone is….lonely. But I’m frequently motivated by someone who has posted a video set online and is delighted by their results. When someone in the kettlebell community progresses, we all get a lift (pun intended.)

I must confess, I have a secret hobby. I’m a bit of a kettlebell video voyeur. Do you post videos from your garage? Some time, around minute four, my eyes wander to see what kinds of tools you have stashed there. Your office? I want to look at the contents of your desk. Your kitchen? Nice remodel. I can’t help it. Your video background creates a world of insight to you and I just can’t lay off!

So, where have you done it? Enquiring minds want to know.