The Perfect Kettlebell Snatch Drop

Check out these 2 videos of my student Gary snatching the 16kg kettlebell at 22-25rpm. Pay close attention to his drop on both sides - what difference do you see? (Answer at bottom)

In the first video (Gary's right side), notice there is some "red zone" between his arm and body on the drop, causing the bell to jank his hand before going into the backswing. His upper arm did not tuck into his body tight enough on the first half of the drop, and he went into the backswing a touch early (before he eliminated the red zone).

The second video of Gary exemplifies what I classify as a perfect snatch drop. As soon as he turns the flat bottom of the kettlebell outward, Gary immediately relaxes his upper arm into his body - without pulling his hand in too close. This allows the bell to maintain the same distance from the body throughout the drop, meaning no pulling on the hand or extra work for the grip. No red zone to be found!

I highly recommend you rewatch the second video of Gary's left side and study his drop technique!!

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