Prime Time Kettlebell Workout

Training unilaterally has a number of benefits, for the brain and the body alike. Unilateral training is often used in injury rehabilitation because the brain stimulates both sides of the body even though only one is actually working. Therefore, priming each side of the body with unilateral exercises can increase bilateral strength as well.

Let’s give it a try! Prime your body (and your brain!) for heavy strength work by using a light bell for unilateral exercises that target the same muscle groups. For all unilateral work, use a light kettlebell to prime. For all bilateral work, use a heavy weight (at least 4-8kg heavier than your priming weight).

Complete 3 rounds of each set below. Rest as needed between sets.

Set 1:
Single chest press 5/5
Double chest press 5
Kickstand squat 5/5
Double front squat 5

Set 2:
Single bent row 5/5
Double bent row 5
Kickstand swing 5/5
Double swing 5

Set 3:
Fingertip push up (from knees or feet) 3/3
Push up 3
Turkish Sit Up (TSU) 3/3
Double TSU 3