32kg Kettlebell Jerk

I tried jerking the 32kg Kettlebell for the first time! This slo mo video breaks down the different phases of the jerk. See if you can identify them all... (Answer in the text below the video).

1. First dip. The purpose of the first dip is to obtain hip connection, so the elbow digs into the body as the knees bend and hips sink forward.

2. Launch. Explosive triple extension of hips, knees, and ankles gives the momentum necessary to launch the kettlebell upwards.

3. Second dip. Dropping down into a semi-squat position as the arm locks out allows the lifter to get "under" or "catch" the weight with the legs, with the center of gravity (hips) under the kettlebell.

4. Finish. Straightening the legs and fixating the kettlebell and the body in the overhead position completes the movement.

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