First International Women's Kettlebell Sport Summit

Growth of female participation in Kettlebell Sport

Female participation in Kettlebell Sport has grown tremendously since the early 2000's, with heavy influence from the Ice Chamber Kettlebell Girls who started lifting and inspiring women worldwide in 2008. Over the past few years, the number of female Masters of Sport has begun to climb, and women have started clamoring for "equality of the sexes" in the sport, i.e. double kettlebell events for women. As people all across the globe began to chime in about whether or not women should lift two kettlebells, there was a clear discrepancy between the loudest voices and the female ones - and shouldn't women's voices be the ones that count? 

Strengthening the female voice with an international summit for women

There is no doubt that female leaders are now beginning to stop forward in what was always a heavily male-dominated sport. Out of this growth of girl power, as I like to call it, grew an idea. Bea Rodriguez of the Chicago Kettlebell Club rallied a number of prominent lifters and coaches to realize an incredible event she had formulated to create a louder voice for women in Kettlebell Sport.

The inaugural Women's International Kettlebell Sport Summit will take place in Chicago on August 8-9. 

The event is limited to 60 participants. Register today to reserve your spot.

The event will include:

  • Panel discussions
  • Instruction on mobility, lifting technique, GPP, equipment, chalking, and stretching
  • Group discussions
  • Networking
  • Presentations on topics unique to female lifters
  • Raffle with chance to win free competition entries, coaching, equipment, and more

This is the chance to learn from some of the top female lifters and coaches in the world, not to mention the opportunity to play a role in changing the future of Kettlebell Sport for women everywhere.

The event is limited to 60 participants. Register today to reserve your spot!