Offset Kettlebell Workout

I got the idea from my friend Phil McDougall... he likes to post workouts where he does double kettlebell exercises, but with two different weight kettlebells! He claims it works the torso more... and I can testify to that. If you haven't tried doing an offset kettlebell workout, well... today's your lucky day because I've got one for you! 

First, grab two kettlebells differing in weight by 4-8kg. The bigger the difference in weight, the bigger the challenge, so don't go too crazy if this is your first time doing offset work. You can always do the workout again next week and increase the weight difference!

For each of the 5 movements, complete 5 sets of Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM) with the number of reps listed below. Rest 1 minute between every 5 minute EMOM. 

1. Deadlift 4 reps per side 
2. Swing 3 reps per side 
3. Clean 3 reps per side
4. Press 3 reps per side 
5. Squat 3 reps per side

Have you ever tried an offset kettlebell workout? Did you enjoy it?

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